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Meet Sytse Zijlstra, CreativeCOW Contributing Editor

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Creative COW Contributing Editor

Sytse Zijlstra
Sytse Zijlstra
The Netherlands
 The Netherlands

Sytse Zijlstra lives in The Netherlands and is currently studying psychology at the University of Groningen. He's always been interested in design, so Sytse taught himself how to use Photoshop. Lately he's also developing his After Effects skills. Sytse says, "I'm certainly not a professional, but I like to fool around with these kind of things. :)"

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Articles by Sytse Zijlstra

Adobe Photoshop
Creating A Vignette in PhotoShopCreating A Vignette in PhotoShop

In this tutorial, CreativeCOW contributing editor Sytse Zijlstra demonstrates a quick, easy way to create a vignette in PhotoShop.

Sytse Zijlstra
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