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Meet David Zandnerg: CreativeCOW.net contributing editor

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Creative COW Web Writer, Contributing Editor

David Zandnerg
David Zandnerg
Tel Aviv, Israel
Tel Aviv,  Israel

David Zandnerg is working as an assistant editor on a post production company for television. He uses Avid xpress dv pro as a main software and dreams of working with after effect as his career.

David lives in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Articles by David Zandnerg

Adobe After Effects
Creating Liquid LIght by David Zandnerg

Creating Liquid LIght by David Zandnerg

In this tutorial, David Zandnerg creates a 'Liquid Light' background element using some basic knowledge about Trapcode 3D Stroke & Shine and Turbulent Displace from Adobe. The important thing to remember is that this tutorial is flexible, so change it as you like to whatever works for you in terms of shape, color and size. Also keep in mind that the tutorial is designed to give you some idea of the simplicity of After Effects for creating abstract art or to just have fun.

David Zandnerg
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