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Morteza Yousefi
Morteza Yousefi
Tehran, Iran
Tehran,  Iran

Morteza Yousefi was born in Tehran, Iran in 1973. When he was in secondary school, his older brother brought home a ZX-Spectrum 48k that made simple pictures from lines. He took those simple lines and turned them into 3D images by combining lines and adding shading, etc -- and Morteza fell in love with the technology.

Later, Morteza discovered "autodesk 3d-studio" and studied day and night to learn the software.He studied hardware engineering at the University, but his love has always been CG-Images and Animation. He and a couple of friends entered their first animation in some of the local film festivals. That opened up an invitation for their team (FAM Art Groups) to perform some of the 2d-animations in "Saba Co" which is one of the companies that produces animations for Iranian TV.

After working with FAM Art Groups for about a year, Morteza opened his own studio and has been producing short-animations and tv-commercials for the past 7 years.


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Autodesk 3ds Max
3-d cloud text effect

3-d cloud text effect

In this tutorial, Morteza Yousefi demonstrates how to create a 3-d cloud text effect using Discreet's 3ds Max. Beginner to intermediate.

Morteza Yousefi
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