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Steve Wright
Steve Wright
Steve Wright Digital FX
Los Angeles, CA USA
Los Angeles, CA USA

Steve Wright is a 20 year visual effects veteran with 70 broadcast television commercials and over 60 feature films credits. He actually started doing computer graphics when he was developing video games at Atari in Silicon Valley, then moved to 3D animation at Robert Abel and Associates in Hollywood.

With his partner Steven Sidley, he had a visual effects studio in Hollywoodfor seven years producing 3D animation and high end compositing, first for commercials then for feature films. Steve then joined Kodak’s Cinesite as a senior compositor and became the 2D technical director where he also supported Cinesite’s digital intermediate operation. 

For the last year and a half Steve has been a freelance visual effects guru teaching, training, writing, and speaking about digital compositing and digital intermediate both domestically and internationally. The second edition of his popular first book, “Digital Compositing for Film and Video” was released a few months ago and he is currently writing an introductory book on compositing scheduled for release January 2008.

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Articles by Steve Wright

TV & Movie Appreciation
Renaissance Masters Go 3D with Nuke

Renaissance Masters Go 3D with Nuke

VFX legend Steve Wright helped Italy's Sky 3D tackle an epic project, as Italian all-3D television station set out to present the city of Florence and the masterpieces of Renaissance art housed in the Uffizi Gallery in a spectacular stereoscopic 3D movie shown in 60 countries around the world. While the majority of the film was shot stereoscopically, Steve's challenge was to use Nuke to present some of the world's most precious artworks fully dimensionalized. Here's how he pulled it off.

Editorial, Feature
Steve Wright
Art of the Edit
The Importance of Invisible EffectsThe Importance of Invisible Effects

Steve is a Senior Compositor and 2D Technical Director with over 20 years of production experience. His credits include over 60 films including as Traffic, Blade: Trinity,Ray, Batman & Robin, U-571, Air Force One, TV shows including Deadwood, and over 70 commercial spots. In this Creative Cow Magazine Extra from the Visual Effects issue, Steve talks about invisible effects in projects he has worked on, with ideas you can use for your own projects.

Steve Wright
Motion Graphics - How Do I?
How CGI in Commercials Changed the History of Film: A Creative Cow Magazine ExtraHow CGI in Commercials Changed the History of Film: A Creative Cow Magazine Extra

For his article in the Creative Cow Magazines Commercial Issue, film compositor, VFX artist, animator and Creative Cow Contributing Editor Steve Wright (Ray, Traffic, Blade: Trinity, Never Die Alone and 60 others), told how the computer graphics animation technology we see in film today actually originated in the world of commercial advertising. (He knows. He was there.) In this Creative Cow Magazine Extra, Steve provides even more details, including the demo reel for CGI pioneers Robert Abel & Associates, and a great spot that Steve created for Volkswagen...with cows!

Steve Wright
Apple Shake
Apple Shake Video Tutorial: An Introduction to Node-based CompositingApple Shake Video Tutorial: An Introduction to Node-based Compositing
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Steve Wright is a visual effects veteran with 70 broadcast television commercials and over 60 feature films credits. Hes also written and taught extensively on many aspects of effects creation. Here, using Apple Shake as an example, Steve introduces the ideas and methods of node-based compositing.

Tutorial, Video Tutorial, Feature
Steve Wright
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