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Billy Woody
Billy Woody
Imagineer Systems
Santa Monica, California USA
Santa Monica, California USA

Billy Woody has worked for nearly a decade and a half  in the visual effects field as an artist, product specialist and as an author. He has been in a support role for just about every studio in California in one way or another having been a support engineer for SGI hardware, Softimage 3D, Avid's Media Illusion and Apple's Shake software and now with Imagineer Systems as the VP of Sales and Product Specialist for the Western US.

As a freelancer Billy has worked with some of the major productions companies in Los Angeles including Warner Bros., Rhythm & Hues as well as Disney. Having also worked for multiple resellers in the film and video post production industry, including the largest Avid reseller in the world, 3 Point Digital, he gained the knowledge of some of the best sales and marketing people in the business. 

And in his spare time he has managed to write a text book on Visual Effects entitled "Exploring Visual Effects" and is currently writing a second book on digital compositing.

Billy's current role with Imagineer Systems will be to manage the Sales and Marketing of the Western States of the US as well as support the clients locally instead of just through the UK. His goal is to introduce the amazing product line of Imagineer Systems to as many artists as possible by staging events, road shows and through creative marketing ideas. Ultimately he would to demonstrate to everyone the consistent ability of the Imagineer Systems software line to save the artist time and the client money.

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