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Rick Wise
Rick Wise
Rick Wise, DP
Oakland, CA USA
Oakland, CA USA

I've been shooting and making films for over thirty years. After a brief period working as an assistant director for American productions shooting in France, I became a news and documentary filmmaker, ending up at KQED San Francisco during its golden years.

From 1968-70 I covered the daily riots 
 at San Francisco State and then UC Berkeley as a cameraman and editor, honing my skills at visual storyteller. The station bumped me up to produce, shoot and edit a series of long-form documentaries for PBS, including the highly acclaimed Private Lives of Americans. 

When the Nixon administration cut PBS to the bone in 1972, I became a freelancer. I shot, edited, and sometimes produced various projects including shooting second camera and editing  one of the bicentennial films from Alan Landsburg Productions, Cowboys and Indians.

That documentary work then morphed into commercials and for the last twenty years  I've been a Director of Photography for commercials and high-end corporate productions in the San Francisco Bay Area and  occasionally for television docudramas and feature films.

As a result of living in France and Italy for nine years, and my overseas assignments, I am an experienced traveler in Europe, Middle East, Nor
th Africa, Asia, Mexico, and of course the USA.  I am still reasonably fluent in French. I shoot all the formats: 35mm, 16mm, video from HD to HDV to mini-DV. I edit all my own projects and those of my clients when appropriate.
I was born in NYC; BA Dartmouth College (American Letters); taught high school English in Beirut Lebanon;  studied film for two years in Paris at l'Institut des Hautes Etudes
Cinématographiques; I have been a visiting lecturer at the Communication Department, St. Mary's College in Moraga, teaching a class I designed from the ground up (" True Lies: Film Structure & Film Language"); Instructor of graduate Lighting and Graduate Cine 1 at the Academy of Art University / Film Division including major syllabus redesign for both classes, fall 2005; I continue to teach graduate lighting at the Academy and refine the syllabus; I was President of the Board, Berkeley Montessori School, September 1993-January 1998; I practice Wu-style Tai Chi; married, two grown children.
You can find Rick Wise hosting in Creative COW's Cinematography, and Lighting Design Forums.

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Rick Wise
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