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George Wing
George Wing
Massachusetts USA
Massachusetts USA

George Wing is a Senior Partner for a Computer Consulting firm in the Boston, Massachusetts area.  Their firm offers Information Technology Services specializing in Securities Lending applications for Financial Institutions.

Away from the "day job", and like so many, as my children started growing up in the 90's, so did my family tape library.  In 2000, knowing it was time to start doing something with those family tapes, I set out to find video editing hardware and software solutions to edit my growing collection of home movies.

Having so many video-editing questions, I turned to the online user forums where I received generous help and support from countless individuals.  After a while, I found I could contribute by answering similar questions to the ones I had when first starting out.

Then came home DVD Authoring -- along with all its compatibility issues in the early years.  There was a learning curve as this technology matured in terms of the speed/reliability of dvd burners, the speed/quality/size of blank discs, and the authoring software.  But once again, the user community came together to provide invaluable insights from trouble shooting and trial and error so that successful home dvd-authoring is now possible on a wide scale.

The last seven-plus years in video editing has been a pleasure learning; contributing to beta-test programs for capturing, editing, and SD/HD Authoring applications; producing videos for local schools, sports teams, and hometown cable TV; and making new friends.  Still learning on a daily basis, I look forward to continued advancements in hardware and software alike, and hope I can be as helpful to fellow video-editing enthusiasts as others have been to me.

Happy Editing!

Proficient in the following:
-DVD-lab PRO2
-Adobe Encore DVD 2.0
-Corel/Ulead DVD Workshop 1.x and 2.x
-Corel/Ulead DVD MovieFactory 6 Plus
-Sonic DVDit Pro HD
-Sony DVD Architect Studio 4.5
-Sony DVD Architect 4.0
-Codejam DVD Composer (no longer available)
-and other utilities used to create and/or edit DVD's

You can find George Wing hosting in Creative COW's and DVD Authoring Forum.

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