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Steve Wargo
Steve Wargo
Tempe, Arizona USA
Tempe, Arizona USA

HD 24PI got into the video business completely by accident. I had been in the automotive business for decades and I had been asked to make a few instructional videos on car related custom stuff.  Several years later, at a race in LasVegas, I was contacted be ESPN for some B-Roll of the Mint 400 Desert Race. For the next 6 years, I was shooting everything from Indy Cars to Nascar for ESPN's Speedworld. I shot in 3/4SP and S-VHS, later moving up to BetaSP. We moved into DVCAM when Sony released the DSR-300 camera and later, the DSR-500.  We edited tape to tape but looked at the Panasonic PostBox when it was released. It was incredible. All of the 3-D effects and the titler were real time but it was very slow in other areas. We finally decided on D-Vision 3.5 in 1997. From 1999 till 2004 (I think), we sold D-Vision and later, Discreet Edit, through Metro Video in Burbank. That's when AutoDesk ended Edit. 

Having worked on numerous digital features, I decided that High Def would be the format for the production of three feature films that I would produce over the next few years. My associate, Anthony Miles, and I, attended a SanteFe HD workshop in L.A. at the UCLA Film School. Among the 5 days of intense instruction came the subject of Camera Ownership. After contacting my top clients, I decided that purchasing a camera package was the way to go. My wife had to be revived with a difribulator. 

We decided on the Sony F-900, Canon ENG 11x4.7 lens, and Evertz downconvertors. This gave us the opportunity to produce some local and national spots that would have normally gone to 35mm film. In 2005, we shot two HD features, one titled "The Hoax" and the second "The Controller". The Hoax is available on NetFlix and The Controller is scheduled to be picked up in mid 2008.

Because we needed a new nle, we looked at all the options, Avid, Premier Pro and Final Cut, among others. Because Apple offered the only complete solution and the fact that it was quickly becoming an accepted industry standard, we decided on Final Cut. We now have 5 seats of FCP but the two Discreet Edit systems are still alive and well. 

I started following the COW for information on Discreet Edit and made some great friends. I was excited to see the forum on HD and was quite enthusiastic to become part of the CineAlta forum when asked by Ron and Kathlyn.  When switching to FCP, having the COW FCP forum was a lifesaver. 

Our present camera inventory includes 2 Sony EX-1 XDCAM cameras, 2 DSR-300s, THE DSR-500, THREE DVX100s and.of, course, the ultra dependable Sony F-900. We have been thrilled with the images from the EX-1 and the ease of using the footage. We can shoot a job and the footage is ready for edit within minutes. The results we've had so far have been very surprising. 

With all of the fury over the RED, we've looked at it but have decided to wait until it's completely functional before considering it for purchase. It seems to be very popular but we're still hearing way too much negative press. 

To wrap up, we shoot and edit in HDCAM, XDCAM and DVCAM, edit mostly on FCP, produce infomercials, shoot multi-day live seminars, create custom DVDs, and produce product for the web. At this time, we are negotiating two feature films and a huge promotional program for a national non-profit.

We are available on the web at www.sntvideo.com & www.az24P.com

You can find Steve Wargo hosting in Creative COW's Cinematography, and Sony EX, FS5/FS7 & Related Forums.

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