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Creative COW leader: Bobby Walker II

COW Leaders : Bobby Walker II
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Bobby Walker II
Bobby Walker II
wwti-tv channel 50
Watertown, New York USA
Watertown, New York USA

When it comes to Bobby Walker, the Cow's Ron Lindeboom says: "Bobby Walker is one of those people that truly makes you glad you know him. When times were at their bleakest in getting Creative Cow started, Bobby was one of the people who always had an encouraging word and kept us from giving up on the idea. To say that the Cow exists partly because of his belief in it would not be an exaggeration. Kathlyn and I have the deepest respect for both him as a person and his work as an artist and leader in this industry."

About himself, Bobby says: "I am not a Broadcasting guru or a know-it-all or engineer. I do not have any major awards or accolades (never applied for any). Consider me the flank steak to the filet mignon of the some of the other hosts here at the Cow:>) What I am is a person who knows Small Market Television."But trust us, he definitely knows more than he admits to and recently, we invited Bobby to join us as a speaker at the New York DV Show where he'll be handling the class, Designing TV Station Identities with Adobe After Effects. We and others here at the Cow and elsewhere look forward to seeing him in action.

About his work Bobby says: "I have been working at WWTI-TV, an ABC affiliate owned by The Ackerley Group (market 176) in Watertown, New York since 1996. I started as a News Photog and am now Creative Services Director, in charge of all commercials, promotions and special projects. With no formal education in the field (former Math/Computer Teacher) I got where I am by learning everything I could about the business, every aspect and nuance, even <shudder> sales!

I have personally shot, edited, directed and produced over 100 half-hour shows, produced live television specials, and for the second year producing/directing our live 12 hour Children’s Miracle Network Broadcast (my fav gig of the year).

Currently my staff consists of two production assistants, one promotions director and two Media 100s. We produce an average of two dozen promos and over one hundred commercials a month. We produce commercials for clients in Albuquerque, NM-Columbia, SC- and all of New York State. Just because you’re a small market doesn’t mean you can’t produce quality spots. When I started in production 3 and a half years ago, we had a 15% share of the local production. By this year’s end we should have 80%, due to better quality, better imagination, and more concern for the CLIENT’S needs. You see, hard work and ridiculous hours DO pay off."

You can find Bobby Walker II hosting in Creative COW's and Broadcasting Forum.

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