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Meet Theo van Laar, CreativeCOW Leader

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Theo van Laar
Theo van Laar
Leiden, The Netherlands
Leiden,  The Netherlands

Theo van Laar is a molecular biologist, working on fundamental cancer research at the Leiden University Hospital (Leiden, the Netherlands). During his Ph.D, he discovered the MIF genes, which are activated by certain anti-cancer drugs and play a role in the response of cells to these drugs. Since that time, his research has been focused on these and other genes that are involved in the process of death and survival, migration and metastasis of tumour cells.

Before Theo did his Ph. D, he worked for three years at the laboratory of  the Chilonga Mission Hospital in Zambia. That time, South Africa was still having the ‘apartheid’, AIDS was coming up rapidly and the economy was completely down. Malaria was a major killer of newborn children and sleeping sickness was preventing the farmers from keeping cattle. An impressive experience he wouldn’t have wanted to miss. During that period he also got married to his (dutch) wife.

Later, back in Holland, came the birth of three children. Wanting to record their first careful steps, Theo and his wife purchased a video camera and had their first experience in the world of video. After the introduction of digital video and photography, they became passionate about image editing. Every free minute, you will find Theo behind the PC, playing with Photoshop or video editing software. Unfortunately there are only 24 hours in a day, while there is still so much to learn about all the possibilities created by the modern software.

You can find Theo van Laar hosting in Creative COW's and Adobe Photoshop Forum.

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