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Alex Udell
Alex Udell
Florida USA
Florida USA

A south Florida native and an early adopter of digital media via DJ'ing and electronic music, Alex graduated from Florida State University in 1992 with a Cum Laude Communications Degree specializing in media production.

After holding posts in production and master control at a local ABC Affiliate, Alex moved on to assume the role of Editor and eventually Chief Editor at 416 Television, Inc.

In the late 90's Alex Joined the team of PEI Graphic Technology in assuming a sales and demo artist for the blossoming Windows NT based tools that would eventually be picked up Discreet.

In November of 1999, Alex assumed role of Eastern US region Applications Engineer with discreet specializing in tools for editing and compositing. Travelling the world for four incredible years, Alex credits Discreet as a modern Artist's patron exposing him to cultures, people's and projects for which he will be forever grateful.

Alex returned to the Florida, and the team at PEI handling sales, marketing, training and support roles for a couople of years as he updated his repritoire of digital media tools to inlcude FCP, current Avid releases, and Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Photoshop.

In March of 2008, Alex decided to pursue his creative role once again taking a position as editor at the internet company YouniversityTV.  Alex edits and creates daily on Matrox powered Adobe platforms, and maintains a multiseat SAN based on Facilis Terrablock technology.   Still utilizing discreet combustion for many daya to day projects, Alex contines to maintain his post on the combustion forum on the COW.  He is also quite active on the Adobe Premiere Pro Forum. 

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