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Mark Suszko
Mark Suszko
Springfield, Illinois USA
Springfield, Illinois USA

Mark Suszko has close to 30 years of experience as a writer/producer/director/editor/anything else, most of it working in government video production for the State of Illinois, as well as a private freelance production and teleprompter rental business. Mark has long history in the Creative COW website and is one of the most prolific posters and contributors in the COW's Business & Marketing forum.
You can find Mark Suszko hosting in Creative COW's and Business & Career Building Forum.

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Articles by Mark Suszko

Indie Film & Documentary
Save This Script

Save This Script

Each installment of this series is a scenario in which a writer/producer team is confronted with a problem script. The scenario, written in screenplay format, revolves around a typical client management situation that can lead to a problem script. Join John Morley and Mark Suszko in this first episode as they Save This Script!

Tutorial, Feature
John Morley and Mark Suszko
Business & Marketing
Taking Control of Your BillingsTaking Control of Your Billings

5 rules for getting paid for your creativity. The relationship between client and professional is wrought with pitfalls, frustrations and miscommunications. Save yourself from many common business problems by taking these five rules and putting them in your arsenal of business wisdom from Bessie and Mark Suszko.

Mark Suszko
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