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Creative Cow forum host: Aaron Strader

COW Leaders : Aaron Strader
Creative COW Forum Host

Aaron Strader
Aaron Strader
Houston, Texas USA
Houston, Texas USA

Aaron Strader has worked in NLE support and training for four years, and has been working in DVD authoring and motion graphics for the last three years. He has also worked for NBC, Telemundo and Fox Sports Southwest and in his free time he uses his own Matrox x100 Xtreme Pro. Aaron has also worked with Digisuites and other legacy RT series machines.

Aaron's outside interests include being an avid hockey fan ("Go STARS!") and home theater/DVD fan -- listing Mystery Science Theater 3000 as one of his favorite shows. (That alone qualifies him as a serious contender in becoming a Cow forum host!)

Aaron now lives in Houston, Texas and was raised in Dallas.

He is currently in the marketing field, and does freelance editing, compositing, and support. He is also familiar with other NLE configurations such as AVID, Final Cut Pro, Liquid Edition Pro, and Video Toaster [4].

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