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Creative Cow forum host: Andy Stinton

COW Leaders : Andy Stinton
Creative COW Forum Host, Advisor

Andy Stinton
Andy Stinton
Mississauga, Ontario Canada
Mississauga, Ontario Canada

Don't get Andy Stinton and Creative Cow's Ron Lindeboom on the phone together unless you are going for the Guinness Book of World Records. "These guys will talk for hours," says the Cow's founder, Kathlyn Lindeboom. "The first time they talked they covered everything from years of music production and music industry insider tidbits to video systems set-up, design and operation. I couldn't believe it -- they talked more than even Ron and Tim Wilson! And that's a tough thing to beat!"

Andy's career as a communicator goes back to his early years in England and over the years he's been involved with people like Dick James -- a music industry legend who at one time, owned the Beatle's music publishing rights and who later discovered Elton John. "When Brian Epstein began managing the Beatles career, it was Dick who published their music, later selling the catalog -- something that I couldn't believe he'd do. In all the years, I worked at Dick James Music, I never heard what percentage of the publishing rights he actually controlled but it had to be pretty sizeable as he'd never once say. I've been involved over the past thirty-some-odd years, in various activities and experiences that spanned duties such as being a promotions director for Dick Jame's record label in England, DJM Records -- which many north American record collectors will recall from the Elton John "Empty Sky" album and Nigel Olssen's solo stuff, as well as Danny Kirwan's solo stuff (after he left Fleetwood Mac following "Bare Trees"). During the DJM years I was also doing on-air work at various radio stations where I also had my first taste of producing radio documentary specials. I also performed as an emcee in an extensive chain of cabaret clubs around England. I worked with many great entertainers from Bill Haley to the Bee Gees. The high point of this particular part of my career was performing before the royal family on two separate occasions."

"It's funny to think how small the world is sometimes," says Creative Cow's Ron Lindeboom. "One of my favorite old bands is the Irish folk-rock progressive band 'Horslips' and one of the collector singles I cherished for years and that my kids loved singing and laughing to was the green vinyl edition of 'Sure the Boy was Green.' And you can guess who the promo guy was at DJM who helped bring it to pass??? Yep, Andy Stinton -- it's a small world!"

Andy left the English entertainment industry when he was offered a job in Canada, running a special FX lighting company "...because after 15 years of the music biz I'd had enough!"

About this change of careers, Andy says: "The shock of my life, though, was realizing that I really wanted to be on the other side of the camera. Well, fifteen years after that move, here I am a veteran communications producer/director."

Andy's company produces mostly live communications events for corporations, associations "...and anybody else crazy enough to go with our rock and roll high-tech approach to the world. We deal in all of the technical aspects of every show from lighting to video and back again. We truly do everything in-house. We run Media 100 set-ups on Macs surrounded by the usual plethora of programs and wires and people. We are all digital and very strong advocates of the technology -- though our belief can sometimes backfire in rather hilarious ways. But, hey if it ain't fun why bother doing it?"

You can find Andy Stinton hosting in Creative COW's Corporate Video, and Live & Stage Events Forums.

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