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Meet: Matt Stewart

COW Leaders : Matt Stewart
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Matt Stewart
Matt Stewart
Provis Media Group
Wilmington, NC United States
Wilmington, NC United States

"When we first saw Matt Stewart's work," says Creative COW founder, Kathlyn Lindeboom, "we knew that we wanted to find some way to involve Matt in Creative COW. His talent was obvious and the way he works in tools like Lightwave, is simply sensational. He uses light and composition in ways that few animators can match and his knowledge of both the physics and the artistry of great 3D animation takes his work to a level that we have seen very few Lightwave artists attain to. We are proud to have him as the newest member of the COW Team and look forward to both working with him and getting to know him in the days ahead."

Matt has been doing CGI for about 12 years now for various venues, and is currently working full time at Provis Media Group in Wilmington, North Carolina as Director of Animation.

Matt is a graduate of the Digital Animation & Visual Effects (DAVE) School at Universal Studios in Florida.

He says that he is "...proficient with Lightwave, Photoshop, zbrush, Fusion5, BNR netrender, and well as many other programs."

Proficient? Okay, what does it take to be good in your book, Matt? :o)


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