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Creative Cow contributing editor: G. Allen Stewart

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Creative COW Web Writer, Contributing Editor

G. Allen Stewart
G. Allen Stewart
Lafayette, Louisiana USA
Lafayette, Louisiana USA

I started my production career as a graphic prop builder in 1996 at the Ellis Mercantile Company in Los Angeles. While in LA, I worked on various productions, including commercial, music video, TV pilots, video gaming and feature film. I started working in Lafayette, Louisiana (the other LA) in 1999 at Channel One Video & Film, Inc. At COV&F I have come up to become the lead editor and motion graphics artist.

Since being discharged from the army in 1991, I have worked at various print media companies as both a paste-up artist and writer. I have written for LA Weekly, Feature Magazine (Austin, TX) and The Independent (Lafayette, LA). I have also done an endless amount of contract copy-writing for commercials and industrials.

Between work at my shop, kite-surfing, wakeskating, super-biking, and a lucrative consulting business, I stay busy and happy.

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Adobe After Effects
Tube Camera Effect using After Effects 6.5 Without Third Party Plug-insTube Camera Effect using After Effects 6.5 Without Third Party Plug-ins

Call it his love for everything old, or nostalgia or whatever, but G. Allen Stewart loved how the old color tube cameras handled light and color. He loved how the images seemed to be 'scan-lined', the blacks were crushed and noisy, so G. Allen Stewart went on a quest for the perfect plug-in to create that effect. He was never satisfied with the result, so here's his recipe for his ''make like 1970's TV effect.''

G. Allen Stewart
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