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Aaron Slater
Aaron Slater
Sint-Niklaas, Belgium
Sint-Niklaas,  Belgium

Aaron Slater lives in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium -- a small town in a small country.

Aaron believes in eating a balanced diet, a decent exercise routine and creating motion graphics on his computer, the latter after finding a copy of Creating Motion Graphics by Trish & Chris Meyer.

His recent projects include animated music videos which are produced with Photoshop and After Effects.


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Articles by Aaron Slater

Adobe After Effects
Combining Volumetric Lights and Grid Basics

Combining Volumetric Lights and Grid Basics

Aaron Slater was working on a music video in which his images would 'flash' within a basic grid to the beat of the music. Here's a tutorial demonstrating his technique combining volumetric light effects with the grid.

Aaron Slater
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