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Tim Shetz
Tim Shetz
Emeryville, California United States
Emeryville, California United States

Tim Shetz has been working in the design field for 20 years after teaching himself Photoshop and Illustrator in order to get a job doing packaging design. Having started programming on his Apple IIe when he was young, Tim got into programming lingo for Macromedia Director and then eventually into Actionscript for Flash and Flex. Eventually he was exposed to After Effects and quickly moved into motion graphics.

Tim taught himself how to use several 3D packages and finally decided on Cinema 4D as his 3D package of choice. He taught for 7 years at Expression College for Digital Art in Emeryville, CA. and now teaches at California College of the Arts in San Francisco. Classes that he's taught include: Actionscript 3 Programming, Creative Direction, Beginning After Effects, Advanced After Effects and 3D for Designers. Tim's specialties are After Effects and Cinema 4D.

You can find Tim Shetz hosting in Creative COW's and Maxon Cinema 4D Forum.

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