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Craig Seeman
Craig Seeman
Brooklyn, New York USA
Brooklyn, New York USA

Craig has been working in video post production since 1981, back when changing reels was good exercise. By 1990 he was burning laser discs and cutting video on a CMX6000 laser disc editing system, trying to avoid sessions on rainy days where the humidity would warp the disks. After an intensive lobbying effort, the editors convinced the facility to buy an Avid. He took one look at those fuzzy images and knew compression would be a booming field in the distant future. After working through a half-dozen post facilities, he was a senior editor by the mid '90s. When no one in the facility could operate a Mac, he ran that part of the multimedia department. With a growing number of Avids at the facility and no engineer who understood them, he added that to his list of duties.

He did all this while clients were requesting him to edit spots, corporate, VNRs, docs, and a music video or two at the same time. Hearing that "Craig can you come to room . . ." in the middle of edit sessions became all too common on the paging system along with the 80 hour weeks.

"With non-linear editing, I really missed catching that 5 second nap as tapes cued up for an edit," Craig mumbled one never ending late night. "There's nothing like watching the sunrise in a windowless edit room," he'd often add.

Ever the multitasker, his next gig at a major sports post facility started as video engineer as well as training producers to become Avid editors. One day they tossed Media Cleaner in front of him and asked if he could send the results to clients and Craig learned how to make his own fuzzy pictures less fuzzy while handling the fast action of sports.

In 2002, Craig and his wife Michele opened their own "mom and pop" production facility. In keeping with his diverse past, Third Planet Video does a little bit of everything. Every shoot and edit ends with compression. It's the last thing the client sees, so it's got to look good.

Craig and Michele work out of their home office in Brooklyn, NY. He's still working long hours but says, "It's much more fun when the only page I get is the cat bitting on my ankles."
You can find Craig Seeman hosting in Creative COW's Compression Techniques, Sony EX, FS5/FS7 & Related, and Telestream Forums.

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Craig Seeman
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