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Ben Scott

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Creative COW Podcast Leader, Contributing Editor

Ben Scott
Ben Scott
London, United Kingdom
London,  United Kingdom

Ben Scott is a young artist, film maker and tutor, specialising in digital video post production and web projects. He currently provides training at a number of centres across London, England in a wide range of software and skills. He spent the past 5 years honing skills creating training videos, complex DVD's and websites. He is an Apple Certified Pro in Final Cut Pro and DVD Studio Pro. He worked as a technician for an arts charity called Spacestudios for a while and previous to that worked for a major UK website. Originally trained as a painter he brings an understanding of visual education to media training.

Ben has a real passion for learning and just can't wait to find out about the next topic. This has meant any new developments in Final Cut Pro since it came out have been followed avidly and he wants to share those insights with you in his podcast.

Visit Ben Scott's website at www.benscottarts.co.uk

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Apple Motion
Apple Motion - TV Screen Part 4Apple Motion - TV Screen Part 4
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In this Apple Motion tutorial Ben Scott shows you how to create a TV screen effect inside Apple Motion. This is part four of a series that can be found in the Creative COW Final Cut Studio Tutorials Podcast.

Tutorial, Video Tutorial
Ben Scott
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