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Steve Sayer
Steve Sayer
Toronto, Ontario Canada
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Steve Sayer has been interested in 3D ever since high school: a computer teacher let him play around with a beta version of Lightwave, and there was no going back. These days, though, his primary focus in the field is Alias|Wavefront's Maya.

His high school was Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts, where he was a visual arts major and, extra-curricularly, a computer geek. He went on to study Classical Animation at Sheridan College, and several non-art-related subjects at Trent University.

He currently works as a freelance artist, but continues to keep in mind his long-term goal of joining the computer animation industry and working alongside other artists in a studio. His knowledge of Maya is mostly self-taught, but what he lacks in formal training he makes up for with a willingness to dive into unexplored regions of the program, experimenting with and exploring it.

Steve has been a regular on the Creative COW Maya forum for several years. He enjoys working with other community members to track down elusive problems, craft elegant solutions, and become on the whole more knowledgeable about this incredibly deep and powerful application.

Steve tries to visit www.thehungersite.com regularly, and thinks it would be keen if you did, too!

You can find Steve Sayer hosting in Creative COW's and Autodesk Maya Forum.

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