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Rich Rubasch
Rich Rubasch
Tilt Media, Inc
Madison, Wisconsin USA
Madison, Wisconsin USA

Rich began his career in video production as tape-operator at Pacific Focus in Honolulu in 1991.  He was in charge of “Command Central”, coordinating tape operations and providing editor and designer support behind the scenes.

His big break came when he was offered a position on the design team at Pacific Focus and would operate a DFX Composium, then a respectable “black box” compositing system running on Windows 1.5.  Yes, 1.5!

As non-linear systems began to emerge on the scene, and the Mac was making strides with content creation tools, Rich’s interest in editing couldn’t be quelled.  So it was at Island Post (you guessed it…Honolulu) that Rich had been given unrestrained freedom to combine his developed skills in compositing and design with editorial and storytelling, all on a single Mac-based system.

(1999) As his family grew, it was time to return home, to God’s country, and settle in Madison Wisconsin.  Here Rich spent a little more than a year at Madison Productions where he edited on a Media 100 system and provided lead graphics design for the video department.

Rich founded Tilt Media in January of 2001 to have greater creative input.  Tilt Media has provided award winning editorial and design services in the Madison Wisconsin post community.

In 2006, Tilt Media will hire a second editor/designer to the team and expand to larger offices and be able to offer a wider range of services.

Visit Tilt Media on the web at www.tiltmedia.com

You can find Rich Rubasch hosting in Creative COW's and Compression Techniques Forum.

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