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Randy Rockafellow
Randy Rockafellow
CG artist, Multimedia Instructor, 2006 SEMAFX Chairman
Detroit, Michigan USA
Detroit, Michigan USA

Randy Rockafellow is a freelance CG artist and multimedia instructor in the Metro Detroit area. He has been involved in many organizations over the past decade and currently serves as the Chairman of the SE Michigan ACM SIGGRAPH professional chapter (SEMAFX).

At Eastern Michigan University Randy started a student organization called Animators of Eastern Michigan. At the same time he coordinated two student animation festivals called "Uncooked".

For several years he was a board member of ASIFA Central, the Midwest USA chapter of ASIFA, www.asifa.org/animate

He has spent several years mentoring FIRST Robotics High School Students, www.usfirst.org. He has been the Animation Mentor for Berkley H.S. Da Bears FIRST Robotics team in Berkley MI and was honored to receive the Berkley FIRST Robotics's 2004 Mentor of the year award.

He has been teaching a variety of multimedia classes since 2000. His tool of choice is Autodesk 3ds max, but uses the right tool for the job. His current fun tool is Google SketchUP! He also has spends his time learning a little PHP/MySQL to help maintain and update the SEMAFX website.

"It is an exciting time to be Metro Detroit Area and I'm having a lot of fun meeting so many people that are so passionate and dedicated to building the creative industry in Michigan."

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