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Scott Roberts
Scott Roberts
Burr Ridge, Illinois United States
Burr Ridge, Illinois United States

Scott graduated from Southern Illinois University's film program in 2006 with a Bachelor's degree in Cinema and Photography.  While he left the school with a pretty piece of paper in a $50 picture frame, he forgot to leave with any kind of viable contacts for future employment...  He quickly learned that having skills, but no one to show them off to, was a very bad thing.  So after a wave of resume sending for a few months with no success, an empty wallet forced him to go to the local Park District and become a different kind of artist; a master of the janitorial arts.  Surprisingly though, cleaning outdoor park bathrooms after 3 or 4 little league baseball games WASN'T his favorite thing in the world to do...!  ...I know, right?!

So he unleashed a 2nd wave of resumes on the Chicagoland area, and finally someone thought that his demo reel was worth a watch, and eventually gave him a job as an assistant editor in 2007, a place where he continues to work to this day.  That place is Edit Creations, located in Burr Ridge, IL, a small 3 person post-production company.  He continues to grow every week at work, learning as much as he can about Final Cut, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, DVD Studio Pro, and his new favorite program at the office, Cinema 4D.  It's through a desire to learn these programs that he discovered how much he likes the Cow.

And since he is a rugged indoorsman, Scott loves to watch movies.  With a disturbingly large collection of around 1300 movies/TV shows, and a nice foundation of a soon-to-be large Blu-ray collection, he is never short on something to watch.  And he tries to make it a goal to go to the movie theater every week, an expensive yet satisfying habit.  And unless they make affordable home television screens that are 40 feet instead of 40 inches, he has no intention of stopping his movie theater attendance.  Scott loves to talk pop-culture with people, especially films, and even though he was born in the 1980s, most of his favorite movies and music are from the 60s and 70s, so don't assume that just because he is young he has no knowledge of entertainment before the 90s!  He hates that...!

You can find Scott Roberts hosting in Creative COW's and TV & Movie Appreciation Forum.

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