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Creative Cow Contributing Editor: Randy Rives

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Creative COW Web Writer, Contributing Editor

Randy Rives
Randy Rives
Meridian, Mississippi USA
Meridian, Mississippi USA

Randy Rives is a computer programmer/support person for a Medical Lab in Meridian, Mississippi. He says he has always loved computer graphics.

In fact, he says, "In my younger days I thought I would be programming graphics for computer games, but now I think I enjoy creating graphics more. I enjoy 3D graphics the most. I have used Animation Master, TrueSpace and now Cinema4D."

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Articles by Randy Rives

Cinema 4D
Randy Rives reviews 'The Cinema 4D XL Handbook (Graphic Series)' by Adam WatkinsRandy Rives reviews 'The Cinema 4D XL Handbook (Graphic Series)' by Adam Watkins

In this article, Randy Rives examines the book ''Cinema 4D XL (Graphic Series)'' by Adam Watkins. In his review, Randy gives his why he thinks you should buy the book published by Charles River Media.

Randy Rives
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