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Creative Cow Leader: Frank Ringwald

COW Leaders : Frank Ringwald
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Frank Ringwald
Frank Ringwald
FX Garden GbR
Berlin, Germany
Berlin,  Germany

Born and raised in the shadow of the skyline of Frankfurt/Main, Germany's most US-American like city, Frank Ringwald spent most of his time with theatre and music. He was performing with a school based drama group and played in several bands. It was the cool late 70´s, early 80´s - the time of Postpunk, New Wave, and Synth-Pop.

After finishing school, Frank studied at the drama department of the University of Giessen. Postmodern, nondramatic performance was the main aesthetic direction of this school and within this, videowork was a major subject. So beside writing music for the stage, he had his first experiences with mediaproduction.

Part of his Master's Degree was a written theoretical work, and for that he had to decide whether to buy a new electrical typewriter or his first serious machine. As you might guess, he got his first computer, an 8086 IBM-compatible (that's what it was called those days - more details about this box on personal inquiry.) There his digital career started. If Frank would have known where it all ended up he propably would have chosen an Amiga instead of a PC.

After a few years of nomading in real life as well as in digital life, he settled in Berlin through a multimedia-class, were he got his first systematical skills in computer-based animation. His main tools became 3d studio R4 (no undo) for 3D and Animator Pro for 2D. Since then he followed all the steps of 3ds max* from 1 to 6, from Autodesk, over to Kinetics (does anyone remember this name) to discreet. He especially appreciated the turn to discreet, and since Animator for Windows was unusable, his interest went over to effect/paint and eventually combustion. Beside max and combustion he started using Pinnacle (Liquid) Edition for NLE.

With these programs Frank has worked as a freelancer since 1997 within several Productions and has also taught them at different schools in Berlin.

About two years ago he started his own company together with three friends. It is called FX Garden and has a wide range of 3D- and 2D-Production in its portfolio.

Since Frank is working with 3ds max* and combustion, the max/c-integration is one of his special subjects, but he will also try to give you hints for any other problem within max. Feel free to send him personal messages to: cow@ringwald-berlin.de

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