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Tim Rice
Tim Rice
South Carolina USA
South Carolina USA

Once I realized that in order to get a BA in Architecture, I had to take math classes (and hard ones too, like Calculus and Trig!) I thought, "What degree could I get without taking any math classes?" "Hmm, I've always liked music and tv, maybe I'll get my degree in broadcasting."

Well, 12 years later, here I sit in a dark, cold room in front of a computer (my non-tv friends are impressed with my dual monitor, "Hey! The cursor moves from screen to screen!") moving graphic representations of real video around in my timeline. I can't even enjoy tv or movies anymore because I'm always trying to figure out how they did that.

Boy, I love my job.

Really, I do. I can't imagine myself doing anything else. I recently got back into post-production after six years of live production (I was a Director/TD at a major cable network) and I absolutely love being able to tweak things until they are just right or the deadline comes, whichever is first.

I am the Senior Promotions Producer at a CBS affiliate in South Carolina, married to a beautiful and intelligent woman, with two beautiful and intelligent daughters. My life is good. And it's only going to get better.

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Boris FX
Super Easy 3D logo tutorial in Red 2.1Super Easy 3D logo tutorial in Red 2.1

Tim Rice demonstrates a quick, easy method to turn logos into 3D logos using a simple jpeg and Boris Red 2.1. This comes from a thread Tim posted in the Boris COW about the amazing super powers of RED.

Tim Rice
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