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Steve Rhoden
Steve Rhoden
some sound samples from Steve
Kingston, Jamaica
Kingston,  Jamaica

Steve Rhoden is an Entrepreneur as a Creative Arts Director and Filmmaker with an undying passion for the Creative arts, Visual Effects and Film.

He is from Kingston Jamaica and creates and develops Films, Television commercials, Music Videos, Multimedia Digital Content and Corporate Videos locally and for the International market in a wide variety of media outlets.

He served several years in the field of Computer repairs, Programming, Networking & Configurations. Along with over 9 years in Motion Graphics, Film Making, Visual effects, image editing & Computer generated animations.

From an early age he was fascinated with movies and acting, and so was involved in various school drama performances and was active in several television programs. "It all grew with me," he says, "and now I channel all that creativity and passion into my work to sweep viewers and audiences attention off their feet, with great story telling, Unique Concepts and Visual effects that creates an awesome viewing experience not easily forgotten."

You can find Steve Rhoden hosting in Creative COW's and VEGAS Pro Forum.

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