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Jeremy Rasnic
Jeremy Rasnic
Jackson, Tennessee USA
Jackson, Tennessee USA

Jeremy (affectionately called j razz by his friends and family) went to university and graduated with a degree in Biblical Studies.  While still at university, Jeremy kind of fell into the video world when he was traveling with the band Jonas taking care of production management.  While on tour, he started videotaping "behind the scenes" footage of the band and would attempt to edit using MGI VideoWave.  That was back in 2001.  From that point on until today, Jeremy has progressed from MGI to Pinnacle Studio to Sony Vegas, which he has been using since version 4.  Sony Vegas, says Jeremy, "is very intuitive and easy to learn.  It seemed like everything was were he expected it to be and the way he thought something should be done, it was doable that way in Vegas.  What is more, the fact that it was stable was the deal sealer.  Coming from Pinnacle and going to Vegas was like night and day for him in regards to stability.  In addition to stability the scripting ability in Vegas is the icing on the cake; with free scripts available as well as scripts like Ultimate S from VASST and Excalibur, the time spent in Vegas editing is cut in half if not more.
Once Sony Vegas entered the picture, Jeremy started branching out with video and soon started his own business called j razz creations in Jackson, Tennessee.  His business provides services which include corporate training videos, documentary films, event videography, funeral coverage as well as sport videography and just about anything that one would want filmed.  Jeremy adopted High Definition back in the early portion of 2006 with the purchase of several Sony HVR-A1U cameras and started working with High Definition footage and editing ever since.  His business was the first in his area to offer High Definition services and is currently the only business in his area that offers BluRay delivery. 
Jeremy has participated in the WEVA World Record Wedding Event that was held in Sacramento, California that set a new world record for the number of professional videographers to film a wedding.  He also has recently worked with VASST demonstrating Ultimate S at the Sony Creative Software booth at NAB and filmed portions of a documentary concerning minor league baseball for Oh! Show Productions.  Jeremy has also filmed in such places as Kenya, The Netherlands, Honduras, Puerto Rico and various places across the United States. 

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