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Michael Rampe
Michael Rampe
Sydney, New South Wales Australia
Sydney, New South Wales Australia

"Long term user of the cow, over the past 15 years, Michael’s career has spanned motion graphics, editing, cinematography and 3D animation as well as the technical side of hardware and software management. He has also had several years experience as a lecturer and course co-ordinator.

In recent years, Michael has delved into the challenging world of unix command line encoding using the FFMpeg and x264 open source libraries. Due to the trouble he found with the lack of a good, down to earth, forum on the topic, he approached us to start one here.

Other tools of choice include Final Cut Studio (especially Final Cut Pro, Compressor and DVD Studio Pro), Adobe Creative Suite (especially After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator), Lightwave and Shake. He is an avid mac fan but not a mac avid fan. 
You can find Michael Rampe hosting in Creative COW's and FFmpeg Forum.

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