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Dennis Radeke: CreativeCow.net Leader

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Dennis Radeke
Dennis Radeke
New Jersey USA
New Jersey USA

Dennis Radeke in his studio"The After Effects New York Users Group forum is fortunate to have Dennis Radeke as a leader,"
says Creative Cow's director, Kathlyn Lindeboom. "We've known Dennis over the years and he's an incredibly knowledgeable guy who has real passion for this industry and the software and hardware that makes it all work."

Dennis has a long history in this industry and has spent nearly all of his time in it either in video or audio. He started out as a musician and became an early adopter and professional with the now industry-standard ProTools application. Later moving into the video realm, Dennis worked for Video Corporation of America selling broadcast Avid Media Composer systems, a position which helped him become very familiar with high-end systems. Later, Dennis worked with Pinnacle Systems, where he was a key support and presenter both online and at trade shows, etc. Today, Dennis is a part of the Adobe team.

Dennis' in-depth knowledge of technology and the state of current creative applications uniquely position him to demonstrate and differentiate technologies and tools.

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