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Creative COW leader: Peter Perry

COW Leaders : Peter Perry
Creative COW Forum Host, Web Writer, Contributing Editor

Peter Perry
Peter Perry
New York City, New York USA
New York City, New York USA

Peter Perry is an accomplished Audio Engineer. He mixes audio program for live or taped television programs, video, theater, or musical events.

He studied at the Berklee College of Music and Bain Music Production and Engineering.

Peter has worked in New York and Boston from 1976 - 2001.

Some of his accounts have been:

Audio for Television:
Freelance- Judge Hatchett Show, Dr. Joy Browne, Inside Edition
Rolonda, American Journal, Food Network, A&E, Speedvision
Biography, HBO, NBA, NFL Productions, WPIX, Metrochannel
Fox News Channel, History Channel, Lifetime Channel
WNYW Fox 5- Good Day New York, Fox 5 Live, 10 PM News
Staff – Monitor Channel; WBIS+

Audio for Theater:
Chicago, Most Happy Fella, Annie Warbucks, A Christmas Carol, and many others

David Crosby, Jonathan Edwards, many, many others

You can find Peter Perry hosting in Creative COW's and Broadcasting Forum.

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Audio Professionals
Real Basic Audio Stuff: A Tutorial from Peter Perry

Real Basic Audio Stuff: A Tutorial from Peter Perry

This article by Peter Perry is intended for those new to the audio side of video production. As many discover when they go to post with their first project, achieving good sounding audio requires attention to details often overlooked by inexperienced shooters, and that many audio problems are difficult or impossible to fix in post. The focus of this article is to help anticipate and avoid many of those problems.

Peter Perry
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