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Eric Pautsch
Eric Pautsch
PowerAge Creative Media
California USA
California USA

Eric was born and raised on the sunny shores of Orange County, California.  After attending Cal. State University at Fullerton, he spent several years working staff and freelance positions for Technicolor and Ascent Media. 

In 2003, he began PowerAge Creative Media, a full service DVD design studio.  Since that time, PowerAge has become the OC's only HD DVD authoring and design facility, producing the world's only HD DVD action sports film - "The Seven Mile Miracle".   While still offering HD DVD services, Eric has become the area's only freelance Blu Ray author and menu designer.

When he's not working you can find him riding the waves of Huntington Beach.  Eric's an experienced surf camera operator as well and has served 2nd unit positions on several surf films around the world.

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Eric Pautsch
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