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Meet Shailesh Pahuja, CreativeCOW Contributing Editor

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Creative COW Web Writer, Contributing Editor

Shailesh Pahuja
Shailesh Pahuja
Bhopal, India
Bhopal,  India

My name is Shailesh Pahuja and I reside in Bhopal, India. I have been in the field of 3d for the last 1 year. I have completed my Diploma in 3d Animation and Visual Effects from Maya Aademy of Advance Cinematics (MAAC). My area of Interest is in Compositing, Matte Painting and Modeling. I'm not too good in modeling but striving hard now a days to improve myself in that also. I have even done programming languages like c++ and c and now looking forward to finding a job in a gaming company.

Articles by Shailesh Pahuja

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Shailesh Pahuja
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