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Frank Otto
Frank Otto
Las Vegas, Nevada USA
Las Vegas, Nevada USA

I have been in this biz we call show all my life – first gig was weeks out of the womb as a “Gerber” baby until the cute wore off. On the other side of the camera/microphone, I spent time as: an L.A. kid’s show regular, one of the “Radio Kids” (on the “Uncle” Burl Ives show), and a child stage performer. The beginning of the shift to the technical arts occurred at 5 years of age, on the day I wandered away from my family’s beach outing. I had taken a stroll (went missing) from Manhattan Beach to Playa Del Rey and was “rescued” by the KTLA “Telecopter” – the pilot spotted then hovered over me until L.A.P.D. got to me. (As an aside – as of 1996 there was still a drawing that little “Frankie” Otto made of the Telecopter hanging on the wall in KTLA/KMPC’s offices) From that time on, I have been drawn to the technical arts like a child’s fingers to a revolving fan blade.

Proving my parents point that I’d never hold down a steady job, I’ve worked in most disciplines as a designer (lighting, scenic, audio, graphics, product and commercial art), a DP, LD, juicer, camera op. Steadicam op., key grip, best boy, Shabbat Goyim, (lead sound guy (goy) in a synagogue for Cantor Cohen – the writer of the modern Jewish liturgy), systems engineer, video engineer, microwave systems supervisor, audio engineer, Chapman Crane op., photojournalist, E.N.G. editor, stage manager, technical director, director, cartoon voice over, animator. Did I mention I’ve also been CEO of a facilities company and Director of Creative for a studio/theme park? (Now there’s a sad story – if I ever do a book…)

My input in the COW forums isn’t about me, it’s about you. The above is just a “get to know me” if you will. I’ve lived out my mistakes – my goal is to help you avoid the same ones, or to expand your knowledge based on what I know now that I didn’t know then. It is also for you to share common experiences and adventures – and even a laugh or two – possibly at my expense.

Oh, and Viva Las Vegas! Let the fun begin….

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