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Bob O'Dell: Creative Cow Music Creation forum host

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Creative COW Forum Host

Bob O'Dell
Bob O'Dell
Seekonk, Massachusetts USA
Seekonk, Massachusetts USA

Bob says: "Welcome to all who venture to create music compositions whether they are for personal learning, video use, recording or any media. I currently teach music lessons online, in schools, for community programs, churches and private lessons -- mostly piano and guitar. I have been studying music for over 30 years and teaching for 25 or so years. If you never played music before and think you can't learn it, You won't convince me. My influences are New Age, Classical and Rock. While a Van Halen riff is never far from my mind, I have become completely mellow in my middle age. Piano and guitar are my musical centers. I'm at peace when I play a new composition for my wife. I do not record for commercial use but I may in the future. But if I can help anyone become functional in Music Composition so that they may apply it to current or future projects, video, web -- whatever; I am happy to help all that I can."

Regarding his view on composition, Bob says: "The 'composition' is a calculated art of meaningful musical relationships, thoughts and rules. But, as a seventeen year old student of mine -- who doesn't know how to read music yet and yet plays a great guitar -- said it best: 'I just go with the way It feels, man.' -- and I agree with that. In my opinion, just as profound a statement is: 'NO Rules, All Rules, Whatever Works.' Somehow, many of us are somewhere in the middle of this. Ultimately, depending on our goals, most of us can achieve far more than we realize with music composition by learning and strengthening our weaknesses in understanding the language of music."

For those still wondering if they can learn to create compositions of their own, Bob offers: "For any person new to music to become proficient enough for use in project work, it would be no more difficult than learning to work with a couple of new video or animation programs. Yes, it just takes a little time and Dedication but if you run into a snag, post to the forum and I'll do my best to help."
Also visit my Profile here to see some interesting Guitar and Piano videos.

The best to all,

Bob O'Dell
Business - Product Developer and Consulting  visit - www.odellagency.com

Bob O
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