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Scott Novasic
Scott Novasic
Los Angeles, California USA
Los Angeles, California USA

SuperNova is Scott Novasic's Animation and Visual Effects Company in Los Angeles California.  Scott has over 16 years of Animation, Design and Visual effects experience which has resulted in numerous  Local & National ProMax, Emmy, Telly and Addy award winning experience in Milwaukee, Chicago and currently in Los Angeles.  His work has been featured on the covers of color publishing magazine multiple times and he has been featured in Computer Graphics World in a 4 page artists profile as well.  He has lectured on computer animation, compositing and photoshop techniques throughout his career.
A graduate of the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee with a BFA in graphic design, and a minor in illustration. Scott began freelancing early on in his career, after working as the Senior DesignerIllustrator for the worlds largest music publisher, Hal Leonard Publishing in Milwaukee, He went on to combine his illustration work with 3d imagery as early as 1991.
Then his journey began in successful self-employment from 1992 through 2001, this period was highlighted with the opening up of his own Animation and effects studio within Milwaukee's largest Post Production Facility, The Independent Group. 
His run of self employment ended in 2001 with his hiring at WFLD FOX Television Chicago, as the Senior Designer Scott enjoyed five and a half extremely successful years at Fox gaining valuable hi end broadcast experience, and winning numerous national Gold Promax awards and Emmy along the way.  A new corporate Image campaign forced on the creative department from New York, led to Scott, and many other creatives to begin to look elsewhere for a more creative outlet.
Scott left Fox and his first national job search began, landing him in Los Angeles as the Senior Designer & Animation Manager with KCBS & KCAL.  Helping oversee the historic Hi Definition transition of the two stations including all the promotion that went with it.  CBS decided to add the proprietary animation tool, VizRT to the art department shortly after the Hi definition buildout.  Scott was determined to advance his 3d design and animation skills, the VizRT severely cut into that opportunity.  For the first time in Scott's 16 yr career he was located exactly where he wanted to be, Los Angeles California, home of a massive amount of production houses and freelance work.  Deciding to move from CBS, to Self Employment was one of the easiest decisions Scott has ever made.  SuperNova has been operating for about 1 successful year so far, and Scott is as happy as he has ever been in his career serving clients in Los Angeles and throughout the country.
Scott has used industry standard applications such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects since their first versions, including CoSA After Effects.  His motion graphics, visual effects, live action and post production work also includes heavy doses of 3d animation using a variety of tools from Autodesk Maya Unlimited, the ElectricImage Animation system, Invigorator Pro and a variety of other 3d modeling tools.  Other major tools include Particle Illusion, Poser and a collection of After Effects plug-ins that is too long to list.  His wide use of graphics software has labeled him professionally as a generalist.

Someone capable of taking a clients ideas from concept through every level of production required.
Personally, Scott loves sports and has named his cats Buck, Packer and Brewer after his hometown (Milwaukee) teams.  When not watching sports you'll catch him checking out some rock n roll music on the Sunset Strip in LA.
Scott's show reel and contact information can be found at http://web.mac.com/finaleffects

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