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Lyn Norstad
Lyn Norstad
LNA Systems
Arlington Heights, Illinois USA
Arlington Heights, Illinois USA

When asked about his own start in this industry, Lyn says: "I started out full time in the A/V business in 1970 with a family-owned company in Minnesota. My degree is in Electrical Engineering, and I've been an electronics/computer geek forever. I actually built my first computer from scratch while in high school. All discrete components (there were no ICs in those days), and all it did was count from 1 to 10 and displayed the answer in binary form. Input was a telephone dial -- most Bovines won't even know what that is.

"Anyway, I spent 9 years in the A/V Media business in Minnesota, with three different firms before moving to Chicago in 1979. I was a manufacturer's rep, covering the Midwest, handling products for a new, exotic industry known as 'multi-image.' Basically computer-controlled slide and motion picture projection systems, ranging from as few as 3 to as many as 60 projectors. Used in large scale presentations, theatres, museums, etc. etc. It was lots of fun, and an exciting business.

"In 1981, I quit and started LNA. Originally repping, teaching and programming for corporate and production clients. In 1983, I moved the business into a 3000 sq ft studio/office facility and with a little revamping over the years, it's still our location."

As the business grew over the years, Lyn recalls: "Multi-image gave way to computer-generated graphics for media. And then to video, with the introduction of the Targa family of products in the mid-80s. That's when we started integrating our own computer systems, starting with the Apple II and moving quickly to PCs. Animation was a huge part of all that, and we got hooked up with DPS when the PAR board was introduced. That led into the Perception, the Reality, and now the Quattrus family of video products. "In 1994, we were introduced to Touchvision Systems, producers of the D-Vision software package, and began integrating systems for off-line video editing. Our specialty was the 'lunch box' style of portable editing system, running under MS-DOS. When Touchvision became D-Vision Systems, we were involved in all of the iterations up thru and including the acquisition by Discreet Logic and then Autodesk. As resellers of 3D Studio Max (at the time), it was a natural combination for us. D-Vision was the cornerstone of our business at one time, and we still support nearly a hundred systems still in everyday use.

The Leitch/dpsVelocityQ system, which we now focus on, has been the logical extension of that technology and we're looking forward to its continued growth in the marketplace. We are Leitch/DPS NLE Select Resellers, and I am a Certified Trainer for the VelocityQ product."

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Lyn Norstad
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