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Creative Cow forum host: Peder Norrby

COW Leaders : Peder Norrby
Creative COW Forum Host

Peder Norrby
Peder Norrby
Trapcode Software
Uppsala, Sweden
Uppsala,  Sweden

When we began hearing the rumours at Creative Cow that Peder Norrby (longtime member of the gifted Cult Effects team) was about to release a new light effects plug-in for After Effects, we knew it was going to be a great one. "The Cult Effects team members like Nils, Jens and Magnus, all spoke very highly of Peder," says Creative Cow's Kathlyn Lindeboom. "One of them once told me that they brought Peder onto the team because of his ability 'to think outside the box.' They went on to talk about how Peder's vision was always finding some new solution to the problem at hand and that it was nearly always something quite revolutionary. And when 'Shine' first appeared, it was obvious that he had once again gone 'outside the box' for his answer."

When you ask Kathlyn about Peder, she's quick to add: "He's not only a very intelligent person but he's always so gracious as well. I have always enjoyed this industry because of the great people in it and Peder is at the top of the stack in this regard. We sent him over a Creative Cow t-shirt and one day he sent me this snapshot of himself under a beautiful Swedish sky wearing his Creative Cow shirt. I think I am going to adopt him -- I just haven't had a chance yet to write his Mom and tell her!"

Contrary to rumours, "Shine" was not an overnight sensation that Peder just threw together quickly. To acheive the remarkable performance that Peder attained in "Shine," he fought through one problem after another and his friends from the Cult Effects team told us that "...at one point we knew that Peder had come up against a bug that wouldn't go away. It was haunting him and he just kept at it. We knew he'd find the answer -- and he did! All of us cheered him when he finally solved the bug. We're proud of what he's done with 'Shine.'"

Peder is a musician as well as a programmer. In his studio you'll find synthesizers and drum machines as well as Macs and PCs. You can hear Peder's music on the 'Rymden' project at MP3.com. Peder's other areas of interest include realtime apps and artificial intelligence and his educational background includes a M.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering.

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