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Creative Cow forum leader: Brodd Nesset

COW Leaders : Brodd Nesset
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Brodd Nesset
Brodd Nesset
Oslo, Norway
Oslo,  Norway

"Building forums into a successful community that is both positive and effective takes the right people at the helm," says Creative Cow's director, Kathlyn Lindeboom. "When Brodd Nesset first found Creative Cow he came in and posted under an alias as he said he'd seen too much on the Net that made him want to see what the forums were like before he'd want to really participate as himself. But we're very glad that Brodd came here and ended up feeling right at home as he's been a genuine asset to the Macromedia Director forum here at the Cow. He's a friendly guy with a lot of insight into both artistic and structural design and he's become a popular part of the community."

About his background Brodd says: "I am a Norwegian who at 39 is working as a multimedia developer at a small, but quite successful, e-learning company in Oslo. I also run a side-company for more 'artistic' purposes called Mikromidas. I came into multimedia via the Amiga and did some large theatre productions with live cameras and projected graphics with very modest equipment. I even went to South Africa with my Amiga, and it never failed me."

As the years went on, Brodd recalls: "The quest for more power and sophisticated solutions led to Macromedia Director and eventually After Effects. I dream of getting results like I can in After Effects available in a run-time environment like Director."

Other dabblings include 3d creations in Cinema4d (an original Amiga app) and music. A classicaly trained musician who somehow lost his way -- "Or maybe not," quips Brodd -- his main interests today are modern art, modern dance and performance. "There's little time left for a family man with two kids who have the highest priority," says Brodd, "but sometimes priorities and interests can indeed be mixed."

Brodd also remembers: "Before joining my present job, I did street-level youth work in the local area for eleven years. This included teaching computers, music and video. The 'ad-hoc' style I acquired out of necessity here -- along with the 'hackish' nature of the Amiga and the lack of any formal training in programming -- have all shaped the way solutions are created today. This is all reflected in my contributions that I make to the COW and I hope that someone finds it useful."

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