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Meet Graeme Nattress

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Graeme Nattress
Graeme Nattress
Nattress Productions Inc.
Ottawa, Ontario Canada
Ottawa, Ontario Canada

Graeme Nattress, as a baby crawled behind the television set to see how it worked. He has been interested in video technology ever since. After getting his first computer, a Sinclair ZX81 in 1981, the mixing of computer graphics and video became the focus of his thoughts. Learning to program throughout the 80s, then getting into PhotoShop in the 90s, a degree in mathematics and teacher training, lead Graeme to lecture in graphics software applications at the University of Northumbria and Newcastle College.

Back when he lived and worked in the North of England, Graeme started editing non-linear with Premiere on a G3 Macintosh. At that time, he started writing reviews for Content Creation Europe magazine, and was lucky enough to go to Apple UK to review Final Cut Pro version 1. Soon after that, he made the move to Ottawa, Canada to set up a 3D Animation Studio as head of R&D, and as part of that became involved in the editing and DVD production of animations based upon children's story books.

Since October 2004, Graeme is now running Nattress Productions Inc. with the goal of providing innovative software for video editors. Initially providing plugins for Final Cut Pro users, the direction of the company is now into the research of cutting edge algorithms for the improvement of video quality.

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