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Meet Greg Mulvey

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Greg Mulvey
Greg Mulvey
Las Vegas, Nevada USA
Las Vegas, Nevada USA

Greg Mulvey has been entertaining audiences since he was six years old after receiving a magic kit for his birthday from his grandparents.

His love of magic and illusion guided him towards movie magic. His tool of choice? Adobe After Effects. Greg says: "I love After Effects. Somedays I eat, sleep, and breath After Effects -- I can't get enough of it!"

At 19, he began directing rock concerts from Aerosmith to Metallica that were streamed live over the web for RollingStone.com -- as well as creating motion graphics for the site. In addition to his work with RollingStone.com, he created one of Chicago's first High Definition motion graphics packages for the MGD Blind Date Concert Tour.

Greg maintains his own business, Presto Produductions, which focuses on video, print and web design for magicians worldwide. He also runs Area 51 Studios, which focuses on DVD Authoring, Web Design, Visual Effects and Video Production for the entertainment industry.

Greg backstage at the Mirage in Vegas with magician Siegfried
of legendary Siegfried & Roy. Greg is the snappy dresser with
the ever-so-tastefully emblazoned t-shirt.
Greg just got married on July 4, 2003 and is wondering if he will ever have time to edit his own wedding video. "My wedding was quite a production! It snowed on everyone in the church and a Back to the Future De Lorean was waiting for us outside. I'm learning Maya right now and I want to make a 3D De Lorean fly off at the end of the wedding video!"


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Greg Mulvey
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