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Meet Mike Morris, Creativecow.net forum host

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Mike Morris
Mike Morris
Morris Creative Designs
Salt Lake City, Utah USA
Salt Lake City, Utah USA

Mike Morris is the founder and operator of Morris Creative Designs, as well as Create Productions, both in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Mike discovered video during high school and Mike says that: "I fell in love with it and have been very involved in the communications arts for the last seven years now. Women, family, friends — they all took a back seat to my passion for video from there on out. While my main area of emphasis is in post production, I have used Canon DV equipment in many projects I've worked on and I guess you could say that I am now a Canon man, through and through. I've worked with the XL2, GL2, as well as studio-grade cameras in some of the studios where I have worked on various productions over the years."

Mike also uses production tools like Adobe After Effects and Apple Final Cut Pro.

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