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Cale Mooth
Cale Mooth
Nashville, Tennessee USA
Nashville, Tennessee USA

Cale has been around video production in one form or another from a very early age. From TV Club in elementary school to working with television stations and video production companies in more recent years, Cale has worked with countless forms of recording media and the technologies that use them.

Since 2002, Cale has been a member of the TapeOnline team in the Creative Department as a Graphic Artist. TapeOnline.com is an authorized dealer for Sony, Fujifilm, Maxell, Rimage, Microboards and many others. They provide an extensive inventory of blank video tape, data tape, disc media, labels, jewel cases, printers, publishers, and accessories at competitive prices locally and worldwide. Therefore, for over 5 years Cale has been working with nearly every type of recordable media on a daily basis.

Before TapeOnline, Cale joined LifeView Resources working on their flagship product, Prepared to Survive, a multi-disc DVD targeting outdoor enthusiasts. In addition to extensive After Effects and Flash design, Cale helped LifeView launch their online retail endeavor LifeView Outdoors providing extensive website design and authoring support.

Numerous projects keep Cale abreast with some of the latest computer related technologies including the creation of CandrGallery.com which offers fellow artists a place to display artwork both online and in the form of a desktop Widget. Other projects include the Tennessee Traffic Cameras Widget, work in the 48 Hour Film Project, and a recent startup project called PenceBook.


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