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Manuel Minut, CreativeCow.net Leader

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Creative COW Forum Host, Web Writer, Contributing Editor

Manuel Minut
Manuel Minut
Monterrey, Mexico
Monterrey,  Mexico

All of us on the Creative Cow team are proud Manuel Minut. (Pronounced like min -- ootz, with a 'z' on the end, although it's not in the spelling.) When he first began visiting our site, it was clear he was a consummate professional with a lot of ideas and experience and from this he possesses a lot of hard-won expertise. And when you tie all that to the fact that he's a really nice guy, you have the makings of a great leader and addition to the Creative Cow team.

Manuel was born and raised in Romania, where he also completed his education. Today, he lives in Monterrey, Mexico (in the northeast part of Mexico, Monterrey is the industrial heart of Mexico).

Manuel graduated in 1996 as an Electrical Engineer, but says he "...didn't like how it sounded, so I entered the Film Academy in Bucharest, Romania. But I didn't graduate due to a job offer."

Over the years, Manuel has worked on a broad range of tools including (but definitely not limited to): Avid Media Composer 1000 / 8000 / 9000 on which he's edited since 1995. He is also an accomplished After Effects artist. He has also "...spent some hard-time experience..." he says working with linear editing machines. He is also an Jaleo artist, Avid DS artist, Macromedia Director author and Flash artist.

Over the years, Manuel has worked on over 20 music videos (pop, rock and hip-hop), a series of 5 BBC World Service Trust documenteries, various commercials, interstitials, bumpers, promos, channel's IDs etc, multimedia presentations for a post-prod company, a painter's gallery, a virtual tour for a University -- and many other projects as well.

"So, that's about all from me, no big deal. Still young, still not married, still free to experiment, open to learn and willing to share bits of my experience."

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