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Meet CreativeCow Leader: Jonathan Miller

COW Leaders : Jonathan Miller
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Jonathan Miller
Jonathan Miller
Fort Collins, Colorado USA
Fort Collins, Colorado USA

The owner of an award-winning production company, TreeLine Productions, Jon has had the opportunity to blend his creative vision with an outstanding technical ability. Over the years, Jon has worked with various clients and projects that have found him filming around the country and the globe. His company has produced videos from 4,000 feet underground beneath the Continental Divide in Colorado, to 29,035 feet up on the summit of Mount Everest in Tibet. Before launching TreeLine Productions, Jon enjoyed the challenge of building and operating a Northern Colorado Bureau for CNN Headline News, in Fort Collins. During his 6-year tenure, Jon had the daily opportunity to cover news stories throughout the community he resides in, and enjoyed distilling complex issues and concepts into television easily understood by the viewer.

Jon is very excited about the future of Podcasting and distribution of content over the Internet, even though he’s been “Podcasting” for years. In 2003 he provided audio and video dispatches from 17,000  foot Everest base camp to CNN’s DNG in Atlanta, as well as orchestrated CNN’s first live satellite broadcast from 14,000 foot Aconcagua base camp in Argentina in 2005.

Jon lives in the foothills outside Fort Collins, Colorado with his wife Heidi and their various Apple G5s, G4s, PowerBooks and iBooks.

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