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Meet Matt McEwen, Creativecow.net forum host

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Matt McEwen
Matt McEwen
Focus Enhancements
Campbell, California USA
Campbell, California USA

Creative Cow is pleased to be joined in our Focus Enhancements FireStore forum by Matt McEwen, a longtime friend of ours who heralds back to the days when we met Matt who was then the product manager for Videonics' Effetto Pronto. Today, Matt is the product manager behind the popular FireStore devices helping drive the "record direct to disc" revolution happening due to the new generation of DV cameras that shoot to Flash RAM and Matt's own product, FireStore, that allows users to record direct to their hard drives. While Flash RAM cameras may be a great option for major broadcasters and others with deep pockets, Matt's FireStore puts this kind of flexability, performance and power in the hands of many more users who need to shoot direct to their drives. "It's changed the way many users look at shoots such as longer shoots on location and other situations where dealing with tape can be inefficient. Using FireStore, you simply shoot to the hard disc, take your drive back to the studio when you are done and hook it up to your Firewire port and begin editing," says Matt.

Matt is one of the friendliest people you will meet anywhere in this industry and is another of the many Australians we know who are helping change the face of modern digital technology. "Yes, there are many of us from Oz that are a part of this industry but as Boomer likes to joke at times, never buy any of us a Fosters Lager as it's only for export to other countries -- Australians don't drink it. It's best used as a solvent or parts cleaner when working on vehicle engines. Victoria Bitters, now that's another story altogether..."

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