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Chris Mackenzie
Chris Mackenzie
San Antonio, Texas USA
San Antonio, Texas USA

Chris Mackenzie is an Apple Authorized Service Technician and Apple Certified Technical Coordinator with a passion for audio and video. As the only Mac-platform member of Clear Channel Worldwide's IT Innovation team, Chris is responsible for researching, designing, evaluating, and documenting the company's Mac solutions, primarily designing and testing production workstations for radio, TV, and outdoor advertising.

Chris's interest with computers began at the age of 7 when his parents brought home a TI99 4/A (with speech synthesizer). At the age 10, he graduated to a Mac Plus-it didn't take long for him to hook his computer to a Midi keyboard, at which point his love affair with technology really took off.

HawaiiPrior to moving to his current home in San Antonio, Texas, Chris spent 7 years in Hawaii, where he left his heart, first going to school (majoring in Music and Programming, while working a student job doing campus-wide onsite Mac support) then working as a Mac Systems Analyst, consultant and Apple's Higher Education Systems Enginner for Oahu's only Apple Specialist. Clients included Spenser Johnson (best-selling author of The One Minute Manager and Who Moved My Cheese?) and MTV's Real World Hawaii.

While in Hawaii, Chris was also active in Hawaii's healthy independent music scene, recording and mastering albums for many local bands at his home studio, streaming audio and video of live concerts, running live sound (which he's been doing since the age of 15), as well as providing a free web and mail hosting service catering primarly to local bands.

Chris's hobbies include: scuba diving, motorcycle race bikes, classical violin performance and electronic gadgets (he's on his 3rd iPod). .

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