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Meet Chris Lupetti, CreativeCOW Contributing Editor

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Creative COW Contributing Editor

Chris Lupetti
Chris Lupetti
New Jersey USA
New Jersey USA

I am a web designer who lives in New Jersey USA.  I specialize in flash, but I also know photoshop, dreamweaver, final cut pro, html, and a whole lot more. I'm branching into 3D by learning Maya.

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Articles by Chris Lupetti

Mastering Maya 8.5Mastering Maya 8.5

In this article, CreativeCOW contributing editor, Chris Lupetti takes a look at Mastering Maya 8.5 published by Sybex and authored by John Kundert-Gibbs, Mick Larkins, Dariush Derakshani and Eric Kunzendorf.

Chris Lupetti
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