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Jason Livingston
Jason Livingston
CPC Closed Captioning
Maryland United States
Maryland United States

During high school, I interned at Philips Media Professionals, working on MPEG encoding technology for Video CD and CD-i (DVD would the following year become the hot new thing).
I majored in Computer Science and East Asian studies at the University of Maryland – College Park, while also working at a small post and dub house.  After graduation, I moved to Japan for an international teaching position and ended up staying there for 6 years.  While in Japan, in my spare time I directed and edited a feature length bilingual (English/Japanese) film.
In 2008 I moved back to the USA with my wife & daughter, and since then I’ve worked at CPC Closed Captioning, where I develop & support closed captioning software products.  I consult to provide closed captioning solutions for the industry.

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